At the end of the game the player, or players, with the most Survival Points win.


  • Instructions
  • (15) zombie Markers
  • (6) hero Markers
  • (5) zombie Movement Buff Markers
  • (5) zombie Combat Buff Markers
  • (1) zombie Turn Tracker
  • (24) 1-Point Survival Tokens
  • (12) 5-Point Survival Tokens
  • (15) zombie Cards
  • (6) hero Cards
  • (30) Black Ammo Counters
  • (10) Red Damage / Hero Body Markers
  • (15) Green Zombie Body Markers
  • (1) 2-Sided Map
  • (22) Marker Stands
  • (1) Six-Sided Die

Yet Another ZombieGame

A not quite co-op game of fighting and controlling hordes of the living dead!

for 2 to 6 players ages 12+

Your collection isn't complete without... Yet ANOTHER Zombie Game!


Welcome all Zombie Lords and Heroes to this exciting competition between hordes of the brain eating undead and a handful of human heroes of various professions and talents! The object of the game is simple; each player will spend one match playing the part of Zombie Lord while the others play the part of the heroes. The player to survive the most waves of zombies (and kill their share of them) wins! Each hero has his or her own advantages and disadvantages and there are six different types of zombies to fight on two different maps with six different starting positions on each map. Every game will be a new adventure!

A 6 player game pits 5 Heroes against 15 Zombies!

Yet ANOTHER Zombie Game