Pull : Escalation now replaces the original and includes the ability to launch missiles, fire ion beams, and deploy shields!

consideration as mining fields.  Once approved the IPF sells the location and mining rights to the four highest bidders (as the law requires).  At this point, the race is on.  Each mining company goes into overdrive, racing to snatch as many of the asteroids out of the field as they can before it’s exhausted.  They do this though worm holes using an array of six tractor beams.  But power is limited and unstable, the contract will expire soon, and the mining companies don’t always play fair.

Each player controls 6 tractor beams of variable power output.  The power is determined by the power die in your corner of the board.  Every turn the fifth die is rolled to determine how many beams you can fire with each beam locking on to a single asteroid.

Each Asteroid is worth between 50 and 300 credits but you won't know how much until it's in your possession.

The player with the most credits at the end of the game wins, but credits can also be spent during the game for power ups and attacks. 


A strategic A game of strategy, luck, and cutthroat competition.

For 2 or 4 players ages 12 and up.


It is the distant future.  Earth’s resources have dwindled to the point of near exhaustion.  The Sol System Government has declared the other planets as “Protected” and restricted mining of any celestial body within the system.  Ore from asteroids is at a premium but the red tape as thick and tangled as a plate of spaghetti.  Intergalactic Prospecting Firms (IPFs) use powerful wormhole telescopes to seek out asteroid fields in distant parts of the galaxy that are then submitted to government for